Bloody Mary pitcher in Las Vegas is topped with a full meal

No need to order snacks for the table when purchasing a pitcher of bloody marys at the new Gramercy restaurant Kitchen Table Squared. Chef Javier Chavez throws in plenty of munchies with the garnish. All in all, not a bad deal for $20 (plus $5 apiece for extra shots of vodka).


■ 3 ounces vodka

■ 2 quarts tomato juice

■ 4 tablespoons celery salt

■ 2 tablespoons salt

■ 2 tablespoons pepper

■ 8 tablespoons Worcestershire

■ 8 tablespoons Tabasco

■ 8 tablespoons olive juice

■ 4 tablespoons Dijon mustard


■ Waffle, quartered and sprinkled with powdered sugar

■ Fried chicken

■ Fried shrimp

■ Beef and cheese slider(s)

■ Celery

■ Jalapeno bacon

■ Lemon slices

■ Lime slices


Mix all ingredients thoroughly in pitcher. Add ice. Garnish with assorted snacks.