Causing a Stir


With the old Monte Carlo’s transition into Park MGM complete, it’s only fitting that the renamed and re-designed resort finally has a high-end watering hole. With Juniper Cocktail Lounge, the new resort has created one that bridges the gap between an ultra-lounge and a craft cocktail bar.

A DJ who sets a tone that evolves as the evening progresses, overstuffed stools and benches, brightly embroidered throw pillows and ornate chandeliers set against a gilded ceiling infuse the room with the vibe of a nightlife venue. The bar boasts the largest gin selection in the city (75 gins) and a menu of meticulously crafted cocktails, offering a drinking experience worthy of even the most jaded mixology devotee. Presentations are unique and artful. Juices and syrups are fresh and made in-house.

Most importantly, however, neither Juniper nor its drinks are stuffy or snobbish. MGM Resorts’ executive director of beverage and corporate mixologist Craig Schoettler describes the signature beverages as “whimsically sophisticated,” and there may be no drink that embodies that better than A Little Birdie. A mixture of Sipsmith Gin, strawberry, dry vermouth and fresh lemon, it’s served in a bird-shaped glass garnished with tailfeathers of fresh mint.

But if you prefer something simple such as a vodka soda, nobody is going to look at you funny.

“We’re in the hospitality industry and our job is to provide that service,” says Schoettler. “It’s about having a good time.”